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LOVE-O-RAMA: May These Changes

“May These Changes Make Us Light”

LOVE-O-RAMA Records presents the 3rd annual Winter Show Collaborative:

“May These Changes Make Us Light”

St. Louis, MO – Atnas is Santa’s daughter, and she loves the North Pole along with all the people in it. But she’s itching to get out, to see the world and explore what part she plays in it.

Moments before she leaves on her journey, a space monkey from the future comes back in time to learn what Christmas was like in the year 2009. The space monkey, who only speaks telepathically like all beings in the future, asks her to guide him on a quest to learn the meaning of Christmas as it was back in the day. As they journey through past, present, and into future Christmas, they encounter experiences and characters that they will never forget.

Come see the recreation of the Christmas myth, as these irresistible characters wind down the Yellow Brick Road to the day after Thanksgiving at Wal-Mart… through Wolf Puppy’s predatory darkness… to OZcar the Grouch's dumpster… and into an inexplicable transformation of the human heart!!

Telling the story will be St. Louis’ most talented musicians, artists and dancers, including:

FIRE DOG, playing original rock n’ roll –

Universal Lotus Lovers, Acro-yoga and dance troupe –

Celia’s Yuletide Express –

Aireality, St. Louis’ premiere aerial troupe -

Lyndsey Scott, as Atnas, see video (


Naa-Do dee-light vocalist
Holly Renee, local artist
Agnieszka Gradzik, art sculpture installations,
Patrick Ritchey, artist and writer
VJ Evil Che - video mixing and effects
Willy Zep, dancer and musician
Darek Russell, dancer and musician

LOVE-O-RAMA - what it is

LOVE-O-RAMA Records is a different kind of "record label". We're a touring and entertainment collective. We look for creative ways to use our resources to spread the love. We look for resources to use in creative ways to spread the love. We spread the love by using our resources in creative ways. We need help. We want to help. We want to travel. We want to play in your bars, cafes, nightclubs, back yards, weddings, funerals, parties, libraries, schools, pool halls, swimming pools, and on top of your ice cream wagons. We want you to be in the show too. We love dancing, singing, playing, watching, dreaming, and laughing with you. We want to see what you've got. We want you to see what we've got. We're gonna love you. And you're gonna love us too. It's a LOVE-O-RAMA!

Here's some things we've done regionally and nationally since 2006:

Fall Tour 2K6: Come on, Spread the Love. 32 dates in 17 states
Spring 2K7 - Spread the LOVE to I-70 weekend tour
Summer 2K7 - LOVE-O-RAMA Wedding ceremony and show, Muskegon MI
Fall 2K7 - Harvest for Art Fundraiser for arts organization SCOSAG
Winter 2K7 - May These Changes Make Us Light collaborative art, music, theatrical, and dance performance at Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis MO

Here's some things we are doing NOW ( 2008 ):

LOVE-O-RAMA Music, Movies, and Movement Series in collaboration with Garden Light UCC in St. Louis
Next in the Series is June 22nd !

Monthly LOVE-O-RAMA showcases featuring guest artists and as many surprises as we can think of.

Coming soon:

June 6th @ CBGBs starring The Cannanes (Melbourne, Australia)
FIRE DOG and Celia's Big Rock Band 3163 South Grand

Come back and visit the website often - things are always changing. And see our one sheets below to get a clearer picture of LOVE-O-RAMA's mission and ministers. Please give us feedback. Let us know how you want to be LOVED.

Celia - Mastermind/Merry-Maker

Celia performs solo or with a band. Her solo shows are intimate performances of covers and originals, tuned to delicately tickle and tug at the listener's heart's ear. With sounds ranging from old prairie folksongs to science fiction soul, Celia's music entertains listeners of all ages. Celia's Big Rock Band delivers uptempo, soulful rock, designed to get the party grooving.

Contact Celia

View celia's EPK

Mark Pagano - FIRE DOG Frontman/Fresh Approach

Mark and Brandon attended the same high school and played in several groups together. Mark and Celia, on the other hand, met when Mark’s brother moved to Lawrence, Kansas, where Celia attended college and began her musical career. They have been singing together in various settings ever since. The more recent creation of FIRE DOG, however, put a new twist on it all as Brandon and Celia, who had both played guitar in former collaborations with Pagano, suited up to form the band’s rhythm section; a role that they have grown into together, making for a tight thumping groove thing that will get you off your ass! FIRE DOG brings the LOVE! FIRE DOG is currently working on a follow up to their debut with more upbeat, driving, melody-infused, rocknroll!

For Booking Inquiries


Rebecca S. Rivas - Documentarian/Dancer

Also by Rebecca S. Rivas:
At Highest Risk: Maternal Health Care in the Peruvian Andes
More info:
Inner Mission Productions
Documentary Educational Resources

VJ Evil Che - Video Mixmaster/Antagonish